Main Idea – Sentences

'Main Idea - Sentences' helps kids identify the main idea of a sentence -- a key part of reading comprehension.

Can your child tell you what the story is about?

If not, get this app!

Thank you for this app! Other software I’ve used has moved too quickly for my son. This one worked! Can’t wait for Main Idea 2…it’s coming, right?

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Your Child Will Learn…

Main Idea – Sentences’ is targeted to children in Grades 2-5 who can read the words (decode), but don’t understand what they read. Beginning readers in earlier grades can also benefit from the targeted skill development.

The focus of ‘Main Idea -Sentences’ is making sure kids know what a sentence is about: what it tells them and what it does not tell them. This skill must be firmly established before a child can determine what a paragraph or page is about.

Fun & Engaging Rewards & Game Format

Learning new skills is hard! We make the task as fun as possible by embedding engaging rewards.  

To promote learning, rewards can only be accessed after the student has worked for 5-10 minutes.  

As a parent, you can be assured your child isn’t ‘just’ playing. If the Shop/Game is open, you will know your child has practiced for an appropriate amount of time.

Self-Paced, Graduated Instruction.

Our apps are designed for a student to work independently and at their own pace. Just hand over the ipad: your child will know what to do! Our apps can also be used with a therapist/parent for reading intervention.

To target a specific skill, turn on Titles in the Options for a quick reference guide to all levels.  Read the Info page for instructions on how to unlock all levels for intervention.

If your child is using the app independently, rest assured:

  • The easy-to-use design incorporates guided-learning strategies so your child always arrives at the correct answer.
  • Navigation is simple and guided for new users.
  • As your student works through the levels,  the app adapts  the questions and answers to provide incremental challenge.  The next level opens only when your child demonstrates 80% mastery.  Adaptive approaches promote quicker learning and less frustration.
  • The app includes over 600 questions.

This App is Best For…

  If your child is having trouble with reading comprehension,  identifying the main idea is a key skill you should work on.

Our Main Idea apps are designed for students who are in Grades 2-5 who can read simple sentences, but who do not always get the meaning of what they are reading.

Our apps are designed for and tested by typical and special needs children. Testers include children with Autism and other special needs. Our apps work for them!


The basic “Main Idea – Sentences” app has 4 free levels for one player. Remaining levels and additional players are unlocked by  in-app purchases. Our ‘Main Idea: School Edition’ app costs $5.99 and has all levels and up to 10 players already available. This has no in-app purchases.

We collect NO private information in our app. None! Identifying the main idea is a key component of reading comprehension.

If you can’t identify the main idea fluently, you can’t figure out what a story is about. Help your child now by getting started with our Main Idea apps. While you’re at it, check out our other apps that target WH questions, inferencing and answer identification skills.


Thank you for this app! Other software I’ve used has moved too quickly for my son. This one worked! Can’t wait for Main Idea 2…it’s coming, right?

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