“Do It… Or Not?” Social Skills Workbook Gift

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Grab this great workbook for practicing social filter skills. Your learner will practice perspective-taking while learning this vital skill.

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This workbook helps your learner practice vital social filter skills.

Your learner will begin by thinking about how people will feel if you say something nice versus something rude or awkward.

Next, they’ll evaluate specific examples to decide whether it is okay to say, or not. Finally, given a specific scenario, learners will decide what is a good thing to say in that situation.

Students begin with multiple choice answers, but progress to independent thinking. The workbook also steps the learner from family-based situations to dealing with friends and finally to community situations.

By the end of the workbook, your students will have a better understanding of how their words impact other people and will be able to make better choices. A great achievement!

Our workbooks are designed for learners who are working below grade level.

Each workbook develops key skills in small, incremental steps that build success for struggling learners, such as those with ASD, ADHD and similar.

We understand struggling learners, so our workbooks also have large print, lots of whitespaces and minimal distractions.

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